Fitness Affiliate Programs – Finding The Best One

fitness affiliate programIf you’re looking for the top fitness affiliate programs to promote on your blog or website, then this guide was written for you. In particular, we’re going to show you the best fitness affiliate program that not only convert well and pay excellent commissions, but also give the end user a fantastic way to get in shape – so let’s begin.


When it comes to fitness online, it’s hard to avoid the huge exposure that Beachbody’s flagship product receives. Fortunately, all of this exposure means your website visitors are going to be primed and ready to buy, so it doesn’t take too much promotion at all to secure some fantastic commissions by recommending this fitness program.

You’ll also benefit from the many infomercials and popular endorsements P90X already has, so most of your leads are going to be thoroughly ‘pre-sold’ before they even find your website. This makes your life as an affiliate marketer incredibly easy indeed.


Of course, for anyone who is serious about losing weight, gaining muscle, and getting into great shape – weights are going to be a must-have. One of the best free weight systems around are the numerous products within the Bowflex range, and thankfully they have a very generous affiliate program, too.

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Once again, a lot of the hard work has already been done for you – because Bowflex have a fantastic reputation and there’s rarely a bad word said about them. Interestingly, the average order amount is well over $1000, so you’ll be receiving a very high commission for each time you refer a sale.

Something that sweetens the deal even further are the ‘affiliate only’ discount coupons you’ll receive, so you can give your readers a brilliant discount that they’ll be overjoyed to receive. This can really help you to increase your brand loyalty, whilst also earning you a tidy commission.

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